The different types of mental health issues

One of the most important things to know about mental health issues that is that there are many more types than you may realise. Some are more obvious issues that you may have already heard of and others are things that you might not know are down to your mental health. 

To help you to learn about mental health and also to identify if you may need some support with your own issues, then it is a good idea to start to learn more about the different types that there are.

Anxiety and panic attacks

One of the most common forms of mental health issues that you can suffer with is anxiety. Anxiety and panic attacks often go hand in hand, and they can cause you to have overwhelming feelings of worry, of being tense and being afraid. Someone who has anxiety will worry about what is currently happening in their life as well as what might happen in the future. It is normal to feel concerned about your life and the choices that you make, but if this starts to have an impact on your life and how you perform every day activities, then you may need to consider help for your anxiety. 

Bipolar Disorder

Those who have bipolar disorder will have issues with their mood and how to control it. They will show severe highs and lows in their mood, including manic episodes and then depressive episodes. Someone who is bipolar may also show psychotic symptoms and they may be more likely to have suicidal tendencies than other people due to the real contrast in the highs and the lows that they feel.


Another common mental health issue that people can have is depression. Depression can strike at any point in your life and it can be due to an event or situation, or perhaps it can just come out of the blue. When you are someone who has depression, you are going to find that you really struggle with low mood. It will last for a long time and it will have an impact on your everyday life. 

Borderline Personality Disorder 

Compared to some of the other mental health issues out there, Borderline Personality Disorder is one that you may not have heard much about. It is a type of personality disorder which means that you find it harder than others to think and feel certain ways about yourself and other people around you. Having BPD as it is known can cause you to find challenging times in your life harder than someone else might. You may think that you are a failure compared to someone else, however, these intense emotions are not due to you being a failure, they are a part of your mental health issue and should be treated in this way.

Want to take charge of your own mental health and your wellness? If you do, then why not get in touch with one of our members and learn more about how they can help you to improve your own mental wellness. 

Photo by wu yi on Unsplash

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