How to get the most out of your counselling sessions


If you have taken the huge step of booking in for counselling to tackle your mental health issues, then you are going to want to make sure that you get the most out of every single session that you have.

The main point is simply to attend them and be ready to talk, but there are plenty of ways that you can get as much as possible out of your counselling sessions. 

Make sure you see it as important

One of the first things that you should do is make sure that you see counselling as being important.  If you give it the importance that it deserves then you are going to try much harder to listen to talk and to take on board the recommendations that your counsellor has for you. 

Set yourself some goals

When you see your counsellor, they are going to give you some recommendations on things that you can change. It is easy enough to agree to try them out, but it is a much better idea to try and set yourself some goals for the future. If you set a goal, then you have something to focus on, something to put your mind to. If you have a goal, then you are much more likely to achieve it. 

Be honest and open

Another key part of seeing a counsellor is that you have to be prepared to be honest and open about how you are feeling. You are in a safe space, which means that you can be honest and open about what is going on in your life. A counsellor will never judge you, they are there to simply listen to you and to make recommendations on what you could do to help yourself in the short and in the long term too. 

Keep it up 

When you have had a few counselling sessions you are going to feel the benefit. This can mean that you then think that you can give up and stop attending your therapy sessions. But you should carry on with them as long as possible, you may find that your counsellor recommends that you lower the amount of sessions that you have or how regularly you have them, however, counselling is something that you may want to keep up long-term.

Be patient

The thing to remember about counselling is that it is going to take time to work. It is not a quick fix, it is something that will improve how you feel over time.  You need to be patient with your sessions, you need to give it time to work and to see the results. 

Want to get the best from your counselling sessions with me tawli? If you do then try out some of these tips and see if they can help you to recover from those negative feelings and get you back closer to where you want to be.

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