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Who We Are

tawli believes that you should talk to experienced professionals who are authentic, accepting, and empathic to what you have to say. Our members include life coaches, wellness coaches and counsellors.

We’re a member-based group, which means our members’ skills and experience truly make us an independent and highly experienced group. Our members are at the heart of what we offer.

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Who are our members

tawli provides experienced talking professionals who make up some of the brightest counsellors & coaches the U.K has to offer. They’re diverse, open and are welcome to listen to your story and how they can support you.

Our members come with a varied skill set, from life coaches to person-centred counsellors. They’re able to work with you during the pandemic through Zoom or Skype and are here to provide you with a safe space to talk about what’s on your mind.

Who we work with

We believe in targeted support because everyone is as unique as we are. We work with the following three groups in a targeted way:

Generation Y (Millennials, Gen Y) – Born 1981 – 1996

Generation Z (Zoomers, Gen Z) – Born 1997 – 2012

Generation A (Gen, Alpha, Gen A) – Born 2010 – 2020s

While there are crossovers and a blending of these three groups, we find that by honing our skills into understanding the social and environmental factors that affect these groups, we can provide a super-targeted approach to working with these groups with our talking therapy.

What We Offer

tawli offers two types of talking therapies:

Person-Centred Therapy (PCT) – Therapists who practice PCT are usually called counsellors and can help you explore things like depression, anxiety, and relationship troubles.

Generalised Talking (GT) – Those who practice in GT are usually called life coaches or just coaches. They can help you explore things like personal development, career guidance and motivation and positive thinking.