whats tawli?

tawli, is the home of talking therapies for the under 30’s

Talking Therapy

Talking therapies can help you deal with negative thoughts & feelings and make positive changes.

Talking therapy is important to everyone who is experiencing negatives thoughts and emotions. Talking about how you feel and your thoughts can help when you are feeling trouble about something. Sometimes those feelings of negativity can grow over time if left unchecked. tawli offers coaching and counselling and even counselling for covid.

Talking therapy with tawli can help you work out what is bothering you and explore ways to tackle and help reduce those negative feelings and emotions. Talking is an essential part of our lives, and we use it to strengthen our relationships with friends and family.

It helps you stay healthy and in good mental health. Being listened to by someone who won’t judge you and cares about what you have to say is sometimes all we need to get things off our chest.



about tawli

tawli believes that our talking therapy should be targeted to the people we’re working with. This is why we only work with those aged under 30. The groups we work with are typically called; Generation Y (Millenials, Gen Y), Generation Z (Zoomers, Gen Z), Generation A (Gen A).

By focusing our efforts on these groups we can really target our skills and knowledge. Our talking therapies included Person-Centred Counselling (PCT) & Generalised Talking (GT).